I can’t wait any longer! How can I quickly solve my problem?

I can’t wait any longer! How can I quickly solve my problem?

Our support team will respond to you as fast we can, but if you can’t wait for an answer any longer, then we recommend to troubleshoot your issue with one of the tips below.

1. Update to the latest version.

This one is really obvious, so we’d like to apologize if you’ve already tried it. But we’re currently launching new updates when to having any issues, so there may have been a new one since you contacted us with your issue. Just go to check and update to the latest version.

2. Review the basics

At first, we highly recommended you refer to our user guide documentation, watching our Video tutorial to see if there’s something you may have missed.
And sometimes, there is colliding with another plugin… I suggest you following the suggestion on going thru one by one each plugin disable it and then try reloading your site. If not it, re-enable that plugin and try the next one. You might need to clear cache in between rounds! Then once you find the colliding plugin, you can try using the plugin “Plugin Organizer” to selectively disable the colliding plugin only on the special page. And lets us know, we will fix/improve our plugin/theme and update to the next version.

3. Troubleshoot common issues

Head over to the DawnThemes Forums and search for your question – our forum members are an amazing resource. I’d like to take a moment to say thank you to our forum moderators and active members what have been a huge help us while our team has been overwhelmed with support requests.

Thank you once again for your patience and support.

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